Japanese Civil Code (Law of Obligations)
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  • The English version of the Draft Proposals of the Reform Commission below was translated by Mina Shibahara (International Communications Advisor, INC Office) and edited by Kyoko Ishida (Assistant Professor, Waseda University)
  • The square brackets with an alphabet such as 【1.5.A】 propose policy for deliberation.
  • Although current Civil Code composes of five books, the Commission proposes revision of articles that relate to the Law of Obligations only. Therefore, the proposals below cover a part of Book I (General Principles) and Book III (Obligations) only.
  • A correction was made in 【】 (2) on January 18, 2010.


Book I  General Principles

Draft Proposal Book 1  Chapter 5-7 〔PDF〕


Book III  Obligations

   Part One. Contracts and Obligations in General

Draft Proposal Book 3  part 1 〔PDF〕


   Part Two. Specific Contracts

Draft Proposal Book 3  part 2 〔PDF〕


   Part Three. Claims Based on Law

Draft Proposal Book 3  part 3 〔PDF〕



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